Decoy flies 18 feet 3 inches


Congratulations to  BIRDIE, DECOY and SUNNEE for jumping their way to Diving Senior Titles this summer.  Each dog with a personal best greater than 17 feet!

Birdie goes 17 feet

Sunnee jumps 17 feet

and to DECOY for going Best Puppy in Show and winning a 4 point Major at 11 months!!

         Breeding planned for fall 2017!!



 Welcome to Our Site

Becoming a Golden Retriever enthusiast is an ongoing 30 year adventure.  My journey with these glorious dogs teaches me something new each and every day.

My first Golden Retriever, Alex, was a family fellow who was given to my dad upon his retirement.  Alex’s job was to keep my dad company while he worked on the family farm.  Alex also rode shotgun on trips to the dump.  From there, I was blessed by Tyrel, who was a gift from a local golden breeder.  By then I was hooked on these lovely, gentle dogs with the wonderful temperament.  Hanna Banana was my first therapy Golden.  In fact, Hanna was the second dog to visit the MCV medical facility in the PAWS for Health Program which started in the early 1990’s.  Hanna also assisted Dr. S. Barker in the research which led to the development of the Center for Human-Animal Bond at MCV hospital. But, my favorite golden moment, was when Eureka was placed in my husbands arms.  Eureka was a most precious gift. It was Eureka who opened a whole new understanding of the structure, temperment and constitution of the Golden Retriever.

My goals for my family of dogs are to be loved and cherished as family members; and, for them to experience the thrill of one of the many jobs that Goldens are bred to do:  agility, nose work, therapy, obedience, conformation, field work, or any of many others.  I am committed to the Code of Ethics of The Golden Retriever Club of America.  The AKC standards for the Golden Retriever are the guiding light in my breeding program.


Thanks for visiting our website.  We are a work in progress.